Clear an Activation Code

Sometimes you may need to "unregister" or deactivate a product. The Clear Activation Code Utility lets you do just that.


1. Download the utility by clicking here.

2. When you run the Clear Registration Code Utility, a window like the one below appears:


3. Select Open or Run to launch the Clear Activation Code Utility. The following window will appear:


4. Select the program for which you'd like to clear the Activation Code. (For example, the Replay Music product and code are highlighted).

5. Click the Clear Code button. The following window will appear:


6. Click “Yes”. The following window will appear:


7. The program you selected will be unregistered, and placed back into demo mode.


8. Upon opening the program next, a registration window will appear. Copy and paste the specific registration code for the program and submit. This will activate the program.