Download Playlists

One of WM Recorder YT's most powerful features is its ability to download playlists. Playlists can be downloaded in full, or you can download a range of videos, or individual videos from a playlist. You can even convert an entire playlist of videos into individual MP3 files!

1. First create a playlist on Youtube. Take note of the URL.

2. WM Recorder YT can automatically detect Youtube playlist URLs from chrome. Just choose a specific folder to collect all of your playlist videos and WM Recorder will handle the rest! Watch the animation below to see how to automatically detect and download an entire playlist.

3. Open the recordings folder as shown below.

4. Open the playlists folder.

5. Check out all of your videos! WM Recorder names them automatically based off of the video titles.

6. It's just as easy to download a list of videos and automatically convert them to MP3!

7. A new folder will be created based on the playlist name you chose.

8. There are all your videos, downloaded and automatically converted to MP3!

9. Use these options if you want to download individual videos or a range. If you want to download one video from a playlists, make sure to check the Single Video option.