Downloading a Single Video

1. You can automatically download videos with Google Chrome. Just navigate to the video that you would like to record or download. Take note of the URL.

2. In WM Recorder, click Video URL to automatically import the video to record and its title. The title is grabbed from the browser window so you'll probably want to edit it. Then select you desired quality (normal is a smaller file size) and click the download button.

There is a window that pops up with some information about automatic URL detection. You can click No to not show this message again.

3. Sometimes the video can't be detected automatically. In this case you can manually copy the video from your browser.

4. Then paste the URL into WM Recorder as shown below.

5. WM Recorder uses the command line to download. Unless disabled, the command line downloader window will show during a download. You can minimize this window, but make sure not to close it.

6. You can hide the download window altogether as shown below.