VideoClone User Guide


VideoClone: It’s Picture-in-picture for your PC!

VideoClone creates a "clone" of a selected video and brings the video in front of all opened windows, similar to the Picture in Picture effect used on TV sets. You can open other windows and run other programs while watching or recording your video without obscuring the video area. VideoClone is a great way to watch live sports, news or other streaming video content while you work.


Quick Start: Recording videos with VideoClone

  1. Begin playing a video on your computer.

  2. Click Get Video or Mark to mark the video area.

  3. Click Record.

Note: When screen capturing a video, it is best to keep the original video window size to a minimum. Do not use full-screen or enlarge the video window size. Check out WM Capture if you require advanced screen recording features like scheduling, etc. If you purchased VideoClone as part of the WM Recorder Bonus Bundle, then you already own WM Capture as well.


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Main Menu Functions

GetVideo: Capture a motion video window

In order to use the GetVideo function you should first play a video in your browser or media player. Click GetVideo to automatically detect and mark the video window with a semi transparent rectangle. If the marked area is not exactly what you want, click Retry or manually resize the marked window. The selected video will now be cloned and shown in VideoClone. In the marked window click Record if you want to record the video or Accept if you just want to watch.

Note: Static images are not detected, only motion videos so make sure your video is playing and showing some movement on the screen.


Mark: Mark a screen area

Click Mark to open a semi transparent window. Move or resize this window to mark a selected area of your computer screen.

PIP: Picture in Picture

Click PIP to enable or disable the Picture in Picture effect. When PIP is enabled, VideoClone creates a clone video which is placed in front of all opened windows. You can use this feature to watch or record videos while using your computer to do other things. For example, you can watch or record a sports event while working on a spreadsheet, reading your email or browsing the internet.


  • The original marked video needs to remain open and should not be minimized or closed.

  • Open a new instance of the browser instead of opening new tabs on the original browser window.

  • Pop-up menus may be visible in recordings, so we recommend blocking pop-ups in your browser.

Browser: Open a new broswer instance

Click Browser to open a new instance of your browser. When Picture in Picture is enabled this browser instance will not obscure the marked video area.

Record: Record a video from your screen

To begin recording, click the Record button on the marked video window or selectOptions – Record. VideoClone will temporarily switch your Windows theme to the Windows 7 Basic theme on your Windows 7 or Vista computer. This prevents the CPU from doing unnecessary graphics work and allows for better recording.


  • Video Recording Setup: Use the default video bit rate and frame rate. A higher video bit rate makes a higher quality recorded video but also a larger file. Lower frame rates should be used on slower or single core computers. The MPEG-4 video format is recommended for slower, older computers.

  • Audio Recording Setup: On Windows 7 or Vista, use the default setup (“Auto Detect” button checked). On Windows XP, VideoClone attempts to automatically detect the audio source. If this is not possible click Troubleshoot to review the manual setup instructions.

  • Storage Folder: Click this button to select the folder where your recordings are saved.

  • View Recordings: Shows a list of recorded videos.

     Note: When playing a video from the recordings list, the Picture in Picture is disabled.

  • Show/Hide Cloned Video: Shows or hides the cloned video. On slower computers it may be necessary to hide the cloned video in order to get a better quality recording.

  • Restore Defaults: Restores the original settings.